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Slip and Fall Accidents Raise Common Questions

The CDC estimates 3 million older adults are treated in emergency rooms each year for fall injuries. People over the age of 55 account for the largest amount of falls, with those over 65 accounting for the largest number of fatalities. While visiting your local grocery store, you slip on a freshly mopped patch of [...]

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The Dangers of Fatigued Driving for Hoosiers

Do you know that driving while drowsy or fatigued is just as dangerous as drinking and driving? Find out why fatigued driving or falling asleep at the wheel accounts for 29.3% of serious injury collisions in Indiana a year -those with at least one fatal or incapacitating injury. If you are like most Americans, you [...]

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Buckle up, Indiana! Click It or Ticket Raises Seat Belt Awareness

Wearing a seat belt not only protects drivers and passengers, this Indiana law saves Hoosier lives. Police are out in increased numbers to enforce Indiana’s mandatory seat belt laws. Participating in the national Click It or Ticket campaign, Indiana law enforcement is working overtime, giving citations to drivers who fail to wear seat belts while [...]

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More Indianapolis Drivers Leaving the Scene of Auto Accidents

In 2007, four hit and run auto accidents claim a person’s life in Marion County. By 2016, that number jumps to 20 – and continues to rise. On a Friday night in May 2019, a man is killed on the near west side of Indianapolis. According to Indianapolis Metro Police, a dark-colored passenger car slams [...]

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The Truth About Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims for people aged 55 years and older. Recently in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Alexander Goldinsky, a 57-year-old independent contractor, enters an otherwise empty break room in a building where he is working. He takes ice and spreads it all over the floor, then sprawls himself [...]

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Why It’s So Hard to Win Police Misconduct Cases

Legal cases involving police misconduct often don’t make it to trial. Even when they do, they are difficult cases to win. While the majority of Indiana law enforcement officers do their jobs admirably and conduct themselves with honorable dignity, that’s not always the case. Consider the Elkhart, Indiana Police Department. In November 2018, Elkhart mayor [...]

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Forensic Science Drives Court Cases to Conclusion

The forensic evidence left at a crime scene tells a very compelling story that is typically more reliable in court than witness testimony. Most people are familiar with what happens during a court trial – we certainly watch enough law shows that give us an idea. When someone is charged with a crime, attorneys for [...]

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The Difference Between Basic Rights and Civil Rights

If you think your rights may have been violated, the first question to ask your lawyer is whether it is a protected civil right under the law. If you ever feel as if your rights are violated, you may wonder whether you should take legal action against the perpetrators. However, only a number of basic [...]

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What Indiana is Doing to Lower Percentage of Uninsured Drivers

Ranking eighth among states with the highest percentage of uninsured motorists, Indiana institutes "no pay, no play" laws that discourage driving with no insurance by penalizing repeat offenders. As the average number of uninsured motorists (UM) continues to increase across America, many state governments remain concerned about the percentage of uninsured drivers in their own [...]

Drive Smart and Avoid Nasty Car Accidents

Indiana drivers are more distracted than ever, and we’re not alone. Learn defensive driving strategies you can use every time you’re behind the wheel and avoid an accident on the road. When driving your car on the roads and highways of Indiana, alone or with passengers, driving safety should be your top concern. It’s not [...]

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